Work with experts in digital technology and creative solutions

GKIM’s leaders have been at the forefront of innovation in digital media. We have been commissioned by household brands for projects in 2D games, 3D games, interactive TV, Augmented Reality and some truly compelling mobile experiences.


Grow your digital business with a digital partner who can show a history of success

We have a track record for winning awards, realizing software patents and for helping our partners achieve their funding goals.


As trusted by brands, governments and entrepreneurs

GKIM’s customers include Singapore, one of the most “switched on” governments, some of the world’s top brand and marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs from around the globe.


Find a true partner in business: “Your success is Our success"

GKIM’s business model is firmly geared towards our partners’ long term success. We take equity in ideas that we like. We make the commitment where we think we can make a difference. We work hard for common goals.

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About us

Digital Marketing and Production Agency

Highly experienced digital experts deliver success to prestigious marketing customers and business partners.
We have

30 years of innovative digital technology solutions

Riding the waves of 2D & 3D gaming, interactive TV, augmented reality, digital advertising and ground-breaking web and mobile solutions for customers around the world.
We have won

Numerous awards

Honored to have made significant design and engineering contributions to our partners’ award winning advertising campaigns, product launches and news publishing platforms.

Way we work

We partner on product management, development and marketing or can simply provide reliable technology outsourcing.

All our customers are assured of the same levels of professional service, accountability and transparent billing.

Team, Skills & Quality

We are adept at cross platform mobile frameworks as well as being hard core on native iOS and Android when the time is right. See our whitepaper to guide your mobile technology decisions.

We use the latest web frameworks and are fans of the power and price of open source technologies. Work with us to escape proprietary technology lock in and developer rent seeking behaviour.

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Looking for a creative technology partner you can trust?

Download our credentials deck that your boss will approve.

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Digital Business


Lean Startup Methodologies

Agile development

Minimum Viable Products

Product Management

Market engagement

Viral distribution

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Brand identity

UI/UX designs

2D/3D art

Video production

Digital communication strategies

Social Media Contents

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Application Development

Mobile apps

Web projects

Augmented reality


Business applications

Ecommerce solutions

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Search engine Marketing

360 digital marketing strategy

Digital Analytics

Marketing Automation

Beta Testing

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Government Organizations

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GKIM has worked with the smartest of entrepreneurs, biggest of brands and forward thinking governments


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GKIM Digital - Digital Marketing and Production Agency

GKIM is a digital marketing and production consultancy working for global brands, government organizations and ambitious entrepreneurs. We build mobile experiences, digital marketing campaigns and business solutions. We have a track record for winning awards, realizing software patents and for helping our partners to achieve their funding goals.


hexsee - Social Network Platform


hexsee is an innovative social network platform which allows users to browse and have fun together over webpage layers.

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Nestle Mobile App & 3D Graphic


This high quality 2D App featuring 3D graphics developed at a fraction of the price the agency usually paid, was built for Nestle Europe and subsequently taken on by multiple markets.


GROLSCH Augmented Reality Game


This very popular Augmented Reality game featured in exhibitions and bars around the UK. GKIM has been playing in Augmented Reality and image processing for decades, experimenting with patented technology eventually bought out by Google.


Singapore Government - Digital Technology Projects

Government Organization

GKIM has worked on major projects with many departments of the Singapore Government including finance (ACRA), utilities (PUB), tourism marketing (STB) and RFID indexing of library books with NLB

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Thanh Nien Online Newspaper App

Government Organization

For the Vietnamese government linked media company Thanh Nien, GKIM won Vietnam one of its first ever international gold awards. beating news organizations from Korea, Japan and Singapore’s Straits Times with this news reader app.




MAXPLORA is the global marketplace for Content & Sponsorship rights. A platform where buyers, sellers and agents can discover, connect and trade in a smarter, faster way.

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H&M HTML5 Mobile App


Well reviewed HTML5 app operating on all mobile browsers on all major smartphones in China, integrated with WeChat and available to millions of fashion and music fans


Rakuten Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Games


GKIM were commissioned to build quality games for Viber, Rakuten and Kobo brands. These were put into a 6 meter TV screen and taken through dozens of outdoor venues around the UK in a plastic bag the size on a house.

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BMW China Website Platform


Working as full stack digital developer on BMW China's web project, we provided both graphical and technical solutions that meet the big brand's high standard.




TeleConsult is a new cloud-based technology enabling doctors and patients to communicate in a secure, confidential and simple environment when a Face-To-Face appointment is not needed. TeleConsult allows patients to receive advice from doctors making it simple and easy for anyone to get instant cost and time-effective medical advice over the telephone.


Accenture Event


Accenture knew they could rely on GKIM for a rush job to support them with software for their IOT powered message wall. Working over a weekend we made this happen, ready for their conference on a Monday.

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‘’The revolutionary aspects to “The Drip Drops Color the World” 3D painting app has compelled us to apply for a joint patent that brings real commercial value to our intellectual property. The entire 3D painting experience has brought us top level notoriety at CES 2013, Toy Fair 2013 and multiple TV shows in both the US and China so far his year” 2013 “Seal of Approval”, National Parenting Council”

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Ray Kelly

COO, Drip Drops

GKIM is our long term partner. Our success is because of the creativity, technical ability, hard work and sincerity of the entire team.

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John H Page

CEO, Group Surfing

“After a long search, we found a partner we could trust with our mobile strategy development and implementation. GKIM delivered great creative ideas and a robust solution – and Vietnam’s first regional gold award!”

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Ms Hoang Thang

Head of Sales, Thanh Nien

”GKIM built our entire digital operation, a beautiful website and a very sophisticated backend to support my business strategy. They allowed me to work as a product manager, discussing ideas regularly with the development team to make things happen faster and tackle challenges immediately.”

avatar 4

Ben Flint

CEO, Asia Sponsorship News

“GKIM delivered responsive website for BMW to very tight schedule and provided Rolls Royce with innovative technology that our in-house team could not provide.”

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Birger Linke

CD, Interzone China, BMW / Rolls Royce
title team

Ian Morrison

Lead Consultant & CEO

Loc Le

Internet Solutions Expert

Thanh Pham

Mobile Technology Guru

Hannah Nguyen


Ian Morrison

Lead Consultant & CEO

Ian has an MBA and a Masters degree in engineering.

Add to that thirty years experience around the world in delivering innovative projects in all things digital.

Few are better placed to advise on your digital business solutions. Consider him your strategic digital partner.


Loc Le

Internet Solutions Expert

Loc and his team are responsible for managing our clients’ interactive web fronts and back end business systems.

An expert on all things open source, Loc can design and deliver the most complex of business solutions at affordable prices.


Thanh Pham

Mobile Technology Guru

PKT and his team have delivered mobile apps in React Native, ionic, Unity, Sencha, iOS and Android amongst others.

They use a wide range of 3rd party tools and API’s to deliver the most professional and integrated mobile apps.


Hannah Nguyen


Hannah has created a very modern working environment and culture.

She picks and nurturing the quality talent our global customers demand.

As well as our money, she manages our customers’ money too, ensuring that every dollar is wisely spent, accounted for and goes towards real business goals.

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Our Partners

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Our Capabilities


GKIM prefers the latest in secure open source technologies to deliver the highest levels of capability for the lowest cost.


Woo commerce



PHP framework:

CodeIgniter, Laravel




GKIM prefers the latest in secure open source technologies to deliver the highest levels of capability for the lowest cost.








GKIM prefers the latest in secure open source technologies to deliver the highest levels of capability for the lowest cost.





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Senior Front End & Web Developer

A front end web developer that can work on creating the web and mobile web user interface using the good skill on HTML/CSS/JS.

Can create the front end code for any website, web application, mobile web application and need to have experiences with responsive website that can be presented well on the mobile devices like smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

The developer that take part in the daily work of such project might work alone or with the team on advanced javascript hand coding (not recommend to use any tool or code generator). He also needs to work with APIs (Web services) on submitting information to the backend.

Business Development Manager


GKIM is a boutique digital creative and technology production firm servicing entrepreneurs, marketers and government agencies. We have a track record of winning awards, realizing software patents and for helping our partners to achieve their funding goals.


To assist with our growth and to allow the CEO to maintain a hands on role in direct consulting with clients, GKIM seek an experienced software development and solutions sales and marketing professional with experience in international outsourcing sales.

Senior iOS Developer

Job Requirement:
Advance skills are bonus points for senior Developer:

Senior PHP Web Developer

Job description:

A PHP Web Developer that can build website using PHP frameworks or Wordpress CMS and also can build e-commerce website using Magento or some other e-commerce open sources. The developer that take part in the daily work of such projects might work alone or with team through the process of designing the database, processes and workflow and coding the functionality.